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Watch White Collar Season 4 Episode 8 Full Video Free

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White Collar Season 4 Episode 8 All season long, White Collar has been hammering home the idea that the show has turned a page when it comes to its overarching narrative. No longer is the show concerned about Neal running and Peter catching him, but instead about those two men coming together and helping Neal explore his past.White Collar Season 4 Episode 8 Up until the last minute of tonight’s episode, it seemed like we were getting another hour of television confirming, that yes, White Collar is moving in a different direction. Then, everything changed.

White Collar Season 4 Episode 8 Now I want to be clear from the upfront, I have applauded the show’s evolution this season as it has stopped relying on the Neal runs, Peter chases theme. While it played out well for the first three seasons, the trope had become somewhat tired. Tonight, however, when Peter was sitting at home with Elle and speculating about Neal’s ultimate motives, I could not help but smile. At his core, Neal is always going to be somebody that lives in a very grey area, even when he is doing the right thing. When the showed signaled that Neal was going to reform his actions and follow the straight and narrow, however, I was worried that the writers would take the change too far. In other words, no matter what kind of life-altering decisions Neal goes through, he will be and should be a person that always skirts the line.

White Collar Season 4 Episode 8 Of course this does not mean I want him to start lying to Peter all over again, because as I said, that idea has played itself out. Still, I thought tonight’s ambiguous ending was pitch perfect. Part of me really believed Neal’s sincerity in his conversation with Peter at the end in Peter’s office. So much of what he said rang true and from his heart. On the other hand, I could totally see him conceiving and pulling off this long con to get the flash drive without dirtying his hands. Both actions just felt very true to his character, and highlighted Neal’s conflicting nature.

White Collar Season 4 Episode 8 By the end of the episode, I was not sure what to believe. Even now, I am still not a hundred percent sure what exactly Neal did and did not plan out. In my opinion, that is a fantastic way to leave the episode, and something the show should shoot for more often. I know it is a tough balance to strike, but White Collar always seems to be at its best when everything is not so cookie-cutter simple. Tonight, it definitely was not.

White Collar Season 4 Episode 8 If I had to make a decision on whether or not Neal planned everything out, I would probably fall on the side that he did not. The big sticking point for me is why would he not have mentioned this to Mozzie if this were how he planned everything to turn out? Especially when you consider there were so many opportunities for him to hatch this plan out with Mozzie, I just do not see Neal not mentioning it if this is what he intended. Sure, he could have called an audible at the last minute at the exchange, but that just seems unlikely to me. Either way, I am sure we will never know a definitive answer, which is what I really love.

White Collar Season 4 Episode 8 Loved Diana’s extended role this episode. It sucks about her and Christie, but it was nice that it allowed the character to be fleshed out more. Diana is always good for the one-liners and to keep Neal on his toes, but I liked seeing the more vulnerable side of her. No matter what Neal was doing or not doing, I think his conversation with her was completely genuine and a little heartbreaking. Nice moment between them.

White Collar Season 4 Episode 8 Peter might as well hire Elle, since she helps him out with about three-fourths of his cases. Where would he be without her?I liked Abigail a lot. Rebecca Mader always brings such a presence to her roles, and this character was no different. Her chemistry with both Diana and Neal was excellent, and I was glad to see her on my television screen. Somebody get this woman a fulltime casting position somewhere please! Also, loved the fact that she recognized Neal. How most of the other criminals do not is beyond me.

White Collar Season 4 Episode 8 Mozzie’s little MacGyver moment was awesome. Love when he gets to unleash his creative juices. Sad he incorporated the damn fedora, but what are you going to do?

White Collar Season 4 Episode 8 Where the hell is June? Let’s get her back sometime soon, show!Duh Ellen is dead, because Ellen had to die. That seems callous, but I mean come on; obvious plotline is obvious.Nice episode tonight, excited to see where next week takes us!

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